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9-9-2009 1-09-19 PMIt’s 9th September 2009. 090909. What was going to happen today? I forget, but I’m sure there was some major conspiracy or ending of the world involved – again!

I haven’t checked with the local Numerology Society, but I’m sure there is great significance in today’s date.


I recall the 9th September 1999. Exactly 10 years ago today. It was labeled 9/9/99 and was a day when computer were going to crash and cause mayhem around the world. Nothing noticeable happened – except people crashing their own computers because they didn’t know what they were doing. Of course, we didn’t learn from this experience, so we were still sucked in to play the “Millennium Bug Game“, when the world was going to crash, power stations would stop, planes would fall out of the sky and “The Almighty” would leave for a permanent vacation and not return.

The world was once again doomed! But New Years Eve came and went. Nothing changed and life went on as normal. Except, Microsoft, Dell, Apple & Co sold a lot of computers…


George OrwellI had a friend (a flatmate) in Adelaide. He was the youngest manager of a popular fast food chain in Australia. In 1983, he and his best friend decided that George Orwell was correct and 1984 was their last year worth living in a free society. So he quit his career and set off on a trip around Australia. “Trip being the keyword here, they induced a lot of “Trips” through many substances. After all, life was never going to be the same.

He told me years after, that his biggest wakeup call was January 1st 1985. He was wrong. Bummer! Life goes on. Another conspiracy theory bites the dust. Hm, actually George Orwell’s content suits 2009 quite well, now that I think about it. Maybe 1984 was just quarter of a century delayed. ;)


Mayan CivilisationThe next one to look out for, I suppose, is 2012. The end of the 5000 year Mayan Calendar. Society as we know it is ending – again! Another Apocalypse. Great! Just when the London Olympics is on… talk about bad planning. You would have thought the Mayan’s would have allowed us to watch the Olympics in London first. If they could predict the World’s End 5000 years in advance, surely they would’ve known the London Olympics was on at that time.

Not Happy Jan! ;)

Anyways, we get to live through another conspiracy theory. Clans of people get to gather for doomsday on top of a hill somewhere and meanwhile, I’ll be watching another never ending episode of Home And Away as if nothing happened. And Usain Bolt can get back to back Gold Medals at the Olympics.

See you back here sometime after 090909.

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